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N-Propylnorlysergic acid N,N-diethylamide (also known as 6-Propyl-6-nor-lysergic acid diethylamide, N-PropylnorLSD or simply PRO-LAD) is a novel psychedelic substance of the lysergamide class. It is a structural analog of LSD and is part of a series of LSD analogs which includes AL-LAD and ETH-LAD. PRO-LAD was first investigated by Andrew J. Hoffman and David E. Nichols in 1984 as part of a series of LSD analogs. It was later described as an analog of LSD by Alexander Shulgin in the book TiHKAL ("Tryptamines I Have Known and Loved"), in which one report remarks that it is "good for humor, even excellent... very good for clear thinking, although not cosmic-type particularly."

Subjective effects are similar to LSD and include open and closed-eye visuals, time distortion, enhanced introspection, ego loss, and euphoria. It has been reported to be around as potent as LSD itself with an active dose reported at between 100 and 200 micrograms.

" ... Visuals starting. My white ceiling turns blue and starts looking like the surface of water. Feeling extremely clearheaded and the bodyload is very mild. Closed eye Visuals are nice and feature some interesting complexity. Open eye visuals are mild compared to what i am used to with 4-ho-met and mood is noticeably improved. Music enhancement is very very good- I am discovering -hail to the thief- by Radiohead for this trip. It definitely feels more emotionally neutral than 4-ho-met or mushrooms less euphoria but the visuals are very present and feel like they are still increasing. My mind is also incredibly clear. I have no difficulty discussing with a friend. It is quite crazy to me that i am able to hold a conversation perfectly while the world around me is relatively strong fractal geometry. Time perception is strongly altered i can't believe it's only been just above 2 hours no time "warping" perceived but past feels much more far away than it really is. I think i might have gotten very close to ego-death. It was very odd i started questioning my own identity and realized i had nearly complete lost all sense of self. I did not feel like a mystical one with the universe or anything like I've read ego-deaths were like.

This subsctance is Interesting for sure. It is remarkably visual and capable of altering my sense of self which I felt is really odd. It would be really good as a psychedelic to take in a public setting as I did not struggle to put my thoughts into words even during the peak. I will need to explore this compound further eventually. ... "

How to Buy PRO-LAD 175mcg Blotters

You can buy PRO-LAD 175mcg Blotters and other research chemicals here at DeboraLabs. All of our chemicals are third party lab tested. If you wish to see HNMR results for PRO-LAD 175mcg Blotters or any other chemical, just email us at

Responsible Research with PRO-LAD 175mcg Blotters

Always practice responsible research. You should read and educate yourself before undertaking research with any chemical. The Psychonaut Wiki has some very helpful resources and information on PRO-LAD 175mcg Blotters , so does The Third Wave. Never conduct research with a chemical without learning about it first.

PRO-LAD 175mcg Blotters and all other products are strictly for research purposes only and not for human consumption.

Store PRO-LAD 175mcg Blotters in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

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