MXP Arylcyclohexylamines


Status: AVAILABLE [21/07/2024]


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3 to 4 EUR 19.80 /gram Save 10%
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10 to 24 EUR 14.30 /gram Save 35%
25 + EUR 12.10 /gram Save 45%


Methoxphenidine (also known as 2-MXP or MXP) is a lesser-known novel dissociative substance of the diarylethylamine class. It is an NMDA antagonist with subjective effects similar to those of Ketamine and Phencyclidine (PCP). It is structurally related to Diphenidine and Ephenidine. Subjective effects include depersonalization, disconnective effects, conceptual thinking, increased music appreciation, and euphoria. Methoxphenidine belongs to a class of substances that can induce a hallucinogenic state known as "dissociative anesthesia", in which the user feels detached from their bodies.

... All in all, I had a truly fantastic experience. MXP made the night an experience to remember. I wasn't expecting anything from the night but I thoroughly enjoyed the MXP experience. I feel that the 200mg would have been a nice experience without being overwhelming but don't regret taking the extra 100mg ...
How to Buy MXP

You can buy MXP and other research chemicals here at DeboraLabs. All of our chemicals are third party lab tested. If you wish to see HNMR results for MXP or any other chemical, just email us at

Responsible Research with MXP

Always practice responsible research. You should read and educate yourself before undertaking research with any chemical. The Psychonaut Wiki has some very helpful resources and information on MXP, so does The Third Wave. Never conduct research with a chemical without learning about it first.

MXP and all other products are strictly for research purposes only and not for human consumption.

Store MXP in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

MXP stock last updated at: July 2024

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