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3,5-Dimethoxy-4-ethoxyphenethylamine (commonly known as Escaline) is a synthetic psychedelic substance of the phenethylamine chemical class that produces psychedelic effects when administered. It is a closely related structural analog of mescaline with which it shares many common properties.

Escaline was first synthesized and reported in the scientific literature by Benington, et al., in 1954, but was later re-examined in the laboratory of David E. Nichols who prepared a series of mescaline analogues, including proscaline, jimscaline, isoproscaline, and others. The effects of escaline were first described by Alexander Shulgin in his book PiHKAL: A Chemical Love Story. He lists the dosage range as 40 mg to 60 mg orally and describes the duration of action to be 8–12 hours. Shulgin states that escaline “differs from mescaline in that the onset of action is quicker (within the first hour) and there is no nausea noted, but otherwise the time course, and much of the qualitative content, is quite similar.”

"... This drug was better than I had expected it to be. It, like some other phenethylamines, seems to light a fire in my mind, generating improved and accelerated cognition, leaving the dynamo of the brain feeling burnt out afterwards. Useful for socializing and for learning or engaging with media. ... "
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You can buy Escaline HCL and other research chemicals here at DeboraLabs. All of our chemicals are third party lab tested. If you wish to see HNMR results for Escaline HCL or any other chemical, just email us at

Responsible Research with Escaline HCL

Always practice responsible research. You should read and educate yourself before undertaking research with any chemical. The Psychonaut Wiki has some very helpful resources and information on Escaline HCL, so does The Third Wave. Never conduct research with a chemical without learning about it first.

Escaline HCL and all other products are strictly for research purposes only and not for human consumption.

Store Escaline HCL in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

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