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Getting to Know Prohormones

Many body builders and athletes use these for better performance and endurance. However, prohormones are not for everyone. They are safe when used in accordance to the instructions. When prohormones are processed in the body properly, they act just like anabolic steroids and aid in building muscle mass while increasing strength. The main reason that bodybuilders are looking at prohormones instead of steroids is that the majority of prohormones are completely legal to use as supplements.

Types of Prohormones

There are many different types of prohormones on the market today. The most popular prohormone supplements can be found below.

Halodrol also known as H Drol or Halodrol-50 is a milder than other prohormones on the market. The cycle results in gains of strength and muscle mass and is normally used for cutting cycles. The dosage should be between 25 to 75 mgs per day.

Epistane also referred to as Havoc is one of the most popular prohormones of all. It is very mild on the liver unlike others while the cycle results are quite a bit above the average. Epistane results in gains of strength and very good muscle mass. The recommended dosage is between 20 to 70 mgs per day.

Pheraplex also referred to as Phera Plex, P Plex, or Phera is used for bulking and wet gains. Recommended dosage is between 10 to 30 mgs per day. It is advised to drink lots of water during the cycle.

Superdrol, which is also known as Masterdrol, M Drol, and S Drol, is often referred to as the strongest prohormone supplement on the market. The gains received from Superdrol are dry gains and is used for strength and muscle mass gains. It is often used for cutting or bulking cycle. The recommended dosage is between 10 to 30 mgs.

M-1 also known as 4ADD, is a supplement in the liver toxic category. The supplement is used for bulking cycles and is very mild wet gains and provides strength gains. Recommended dosage is between 30 to 90 mgs.

4 AD is a very weak or mild supplement that is normally used with other prohormones. The cycle is normally longer than four weeks with benefits taking several weeks to be noticed. The gains are slow and consistent. Recommended dosage is between 300 to 600 mgs.

Side effects of prohormones

Prohormones do affect your biochemistry, hormone levels, and hormones therefore side effects are expected like with any and all supplements that affect your biochemistry or hormones whether they are hormonal or non-hormonal.

The most common side effects of prohormones include:

Acne is the often the most common but is only temporary and goes away when the hormone levels become balanced at the end of the cycle.
Shrinkage of the testicular is not as common as it was in the past due to the DSHEA compliant prohormones available on the market. It is still possible, but when shrinkage occurs is only temporary and goes away when hormone levels balance at the end of the cycle.
Hair loss is another side effect that is not as common today but can occur in rare cases.
Gynecomastia also known as bitch tits, is not a side effect that is related to the use of prohormones but is due to the response of estrogen or for individuals that may be overweight, or are taking another supplement that increases testosterone in the body. Every person needs to watch for this side effect, but it can be avoided by using legal, natural, and safe SERM’s and AI’s before and after the cycle of prohormones.